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We're proud to announce a new web site dedicated to all things local and specific to New Caney residents. Please move all discussion related to the Dinosaur Park and New Caney in General, to the forums on NewCaney.com, Thanks! Go To: www.NewCaney.com

The future of the Houston Dino Park development is uncertain, and has been the subject of much controversy recently. Visit the Discussion portion of this web site for recent news and developments.

EMCID passes $5.7M budget, EarthQuest funding absent - 07/09/2012

Impact of Earthquest Debacle Felt At Polls - 05/14/2012

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Plan for dino park project grows

Big-city landscape sprouts in rural area

$500 Million Dinosaur Park & Museum Coming to Houston! - 7/4/2007

Project is "dino-mite' for East County - 11/1/2006

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